Information about Book a Bike


About Book a Bike

Bookabike.org is a nonprofit online community platform to rent bikes from locals or rent out yours. With each booking, Book a Bike supports charitable projects.

Find unique bikes that suit you

Be it city, racing or mountain bikes, with Book a Bike its easy to get an affordable ride in your favourite destination. Choose from various options like number of bikes, children's seats, suspension or bike touring equipment to find what suits you best. Find bikes to rent >

Earn money renting your bikes and support a good cause

Would you like to list your bike on the platform and get paid renting it? Easy thing and for free! You can offer any number of bikes you like. You will always keep control of who is renting your bikes and when. List your bikes for rent >

Driven by social and environmental values

Bookabike.org was founded in 2016 in Berlin and Zurich. We are motivated by creating a sustainable positive social and environmental impact.